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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Tulsa Gold & Gems over other “gold buyers” in town?

Well, there are a handful of reasons…. For one, we pay the MOST! Just take a look at our Google reviews. We not only have the highest rating compared to other “gold buyers”, but we also have hundreds and hundreds more reviews. Our staff DOES NOT work off commission. They are rewarded for completing the sale, not for the amount they offer you. When you sell to us, we actually provide you with a detailed receipt, that will have the breakdown of everything you sold us. We are known to have the very best customer service. We not only want you to visit us, but we want you to be a customer for life.

Is Tulsa Gold & Gems a free service?
Tulsa Gold & Gems is completely FREE. There is no obligation to sell your items. We will evaluate your items at no charge.
How long does the process typically take?
Our team of gemologists can complete the typical transaction in less than 10 minutes.
Do you pay cash for my items?
Yes, you get paid cash on the spot. If you prefer a company check, that is also available.
You claim to pay the most, how is that possible?

Tulsa Gold & Gems works off a high volume of sales and low profit margins. Meaning, in order for us to pay the most, we have to have a lot of customers. Customers have told us that other competitors simply put a price at or just above our payouts on their website, but once they arrived, those prices changed for one reason or another. Don’t fall for this trick, as they are simply trying to lure you into their store. We have also been told the same practice happens over the phone. The customer is quoted one price over the phone, then once they receive an offer, it’s much less. Please understand, unlike other gold buyers, the Tulsa Gold & Gems staff does NOT work off commission sales. They work for you, getting you the highest price possible for your items. Our staff is rewarded by completing a transaction, not simply offering the least amount for it. We want our clientele to come back again and again!

Not sure if your item(s) are gold or silver?
No problem, bring it in, we will go through each piece. We will test to see if your item(s) are gold or silver at no charge.
Is ID required in order to sell my items?
Under Oklahoma law, any precious metal dealer or pawn broker has to fill out a purchase ticket when the customer sells their items. This ticket requires your name, address, height, weight, etc. be taken from your current drivers license OR a state issued photo ID. There are only 3 copies of this ticket in which one you receive as your receipt, the other is sent to the Tulsa police department and the third is for our records. Your personal information is not sold or shared in any way, shape or form.
Is there a minimum amount of items required to sell my gold?
There is no minimum amount required to sell your items to Tulsa Gold & Gems. To find out more about what we buy please visit our What We Buy page.
Do you buy by the Gram, Pennyweight (DWT) or Ounce?

Gram, Pennyweight (DWT) and Ounce are different measuring standards used to weight precious metals. Each standard can be converted to the other using a conversion formula. Typically we convert our measurements into Grams when informing you how much your items weigh. Grams is a more appropriate measurement for items such as jewelry. NOTE Many of our competitors and online metal buyers use the various measurements to mislead the client. Pennyweight is a measurement often advertised since the price per Pennyweight yields a higher payout. What is often unknown to the client is 1 Gram is a fraction of a Pennyweight. Since jewelry and miscellaneous items of Gold rarely equal 1 Pennyweight we consider it to be an inappropriate measuring standard for small items with little weight. 

Does your Ounce price reflect a Troy Ounce?

Yes, our prices reflect the Troy Ounce. There are 28 grams in a conventional ounce and 31 grams in a Troy Ounce.

Do you buy Gold Plated or Gold Filled items?
We DO buy gold filled items. We DO NOT buy plated material, including items stamped H.G.E (Hard Gold Electroplate)
Do you buy Diamonds?
Of course, diamonds are our specialty! We buy any sized diamond… large or small… from .01ct. to 5 carats… we can handle it. IF your diamond happens to be GIA certified, please bring the certification with you, if you have it.
Do you buy Gems?
No. We DO NOT buy Gems (e.g. Rubies, Opals, Sapphires, Emeralds, etc). Although, we DO purchase diamonds!
Do you buy Costume Jewelry?
No. We do not buy Costume Jewelry.
Do you buy U.S. Silver Coins that are solid silver?
Yes. We buy pre-1964 U.S. Silver Coins which contain 90% silver. We also purchase 1965-1969 Kennedy Half Dollars which contain 40% silver.
Do you buy Silverware or Flatware?
Yes. We buy Silverware, Flatware, Tea Sets…etc. Please make sure that it is marked Sterling Silver or 925. If it is marked/stamped “plated” we do not buy it.
Do you buy Dental Gold?
Yes. We buy all forms of Dental Gold.
Do you buy Palladium?
Yes. Unlike most precious metal buyers, we do buy Palladium.
Do you buy Watches?
Yes, we buy watches. But we ONLY purchase high end watches that contain gold or silver. Example: Rolex, Cartier, Piaget etc. WE DO NOT BUY: Fossil, Citizen, Seiko etc.


What type of items do you retail?

The only items our establishment retails are: Investment-Grade Bullion in Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium. (Bars/Coins of various sizes, Constitutional Silver (“junk silver”, U.S. Dimes/Quarters/Half Dollars from Pre-1964) Sovereign Coins/Bars from government mints, Numismatic Precious Metal Coins)

What does the term "Bullion" mean?

Bullion is a term that refers to non-ferrous metal that has been refined to a high standard of purity. It is usually applied to precious metals such as gold and silver, which are often used as a form of investment.

What is a "Premium"?

A retail premium refers to a concept in the retail industry where certain products or brands are priced higher than their counterparts due to specific factors.

What forms of payment do you accept?

The forms of payment our business accepts: Cash, Personal/Business Checks, Bank Wire. (NO CASHIER CHECKS)

Do you store the items for me?

Our business DOES NOT facilitate the storage of purchases. The advice we give as a business when it comes to the storage of your precious metals is, a safe, secure location that you can always have access to.

Is there a commission fee or tax?

Employees at Tulsa Gold & Gems DO NOT work off a commission, and are able to give their unbiased/personal advice to our customers. The state of Oklahoma passed a law in 2014 stating there is no sales tax on precious metals in the bullion form.

Do you have a showroom?

While we do have a large and constantly flowing inventory, we DO NOT have a showroom or showcases! Our business was first established as a brokerage firm for diamonds and precious metals in the jewelry form. It was not until a few years ago that we started facilitating bullion transactions. We do have our inventory in a set location within view of our windows that our customers can always ask to see/handle any and all items they wish to invest in. This layout weeds out the “looky-loos”, as our time is valuable, and we know yours is too. We cater to people that are serious and ready to invest.

Does my purchase get reported to the government?

The reporting requirement on bullion is ONLY stringent with the use of CASH. For example, a CASH PURCHASE THAT EXCEEDS $10,000 is subject to a 8300 FORM, which is in regard to the ANTI-MONEY LAUNDERING aspect of the IRS. With the use of CHECKS OR A WIRE, there is NO REPORTING REQUIREMENT of any kind, regardless of dollar amount. While the only “reportable” transaction with bullion purchases is one exceeding $10,000. We as a business do require an ID OR DRIVER’S LICENSE to complete a purchase. The use of that is strictly for our own INTERNAL AUDITS/CPA.

Is there a limit of how much money I can spend or how much quantity I can purchase?

There is NO MINIMUM OR MAXIMUM quantity or dollar amount you have to follow with our business. Our goal as retailers is not to “TAKE” all of your money, but to help you SECURE your money by investing it into something tangible, like precious metals. Any purchase is important to us, regardless of size or quantity. If the quantity you wish to order currently is not in our inventory, we are more than happy to try and order in that amount for you, so it is readily available locally.

How do I know the items I am purchasing are Legitimate?

ALL ITEMS that enter our business are tested and certified before ever reaching the sales inventory. We use a couple different methods to test/verify bullion. Also, items are video logged when ordered in bulk from manufacturers. We in turn provide a RECEIPT of your transaction to you that has the breakdown of the items and price point of your purchase.

Do you convert 401K and/or IRA accounts?

Currently, we DO NOT offer the conversion of 401K or IRA accounts.


Can you tell me the process of the 0% loan?
Well, we offer to all new customers a 0% interest free loan for 60 days. Everyone is approved. You have three options: One, pay back exactly what you borrowed by the 60th day and your items are returned. Two, don’t show up by the 60th day and your items are defaulted and then belong to Tulsa Gold & Gems. Three, show up by the 60th day without the money and we will set up a traditional loan (with state regulated interest rates) and you will have an additional 30 days before any interest is due. You can take as long as you want to pay us back, as long as the interest gets paid. In the meantime your items are held in our vault, safe and secure.
What types of items do you accept for a loan?
We accept any form of Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coins, Watches and Jewelry. To get a more exact description, please visit our What We Buy page.
Do you pay cash when I take out a loan?
Yes, you will receive cash immediately. Or for larger amounts, we can always provide a company check if you would like.
Are you a pawnshop, because your store looks too nice to be a pawn shop?
We are actually licensed precious metal buyers and licensed pawnbrokers. This allows us to purchase your items as well as loan against your items. We only deal in jewelry related items. You won’t see stereos and guitars here. Most of our customers feel they are walking into a fancy bank lobby. Very safe, secure and clean.
Do you conduct a credit check when I want to take out a loan on my jewelry items?
Absolutely not. Your credit is not a factor. All you need is collateral (gold, silver, diamonds, coins, watches, jewelry etc) in order to qualify for a loan. The loan you have with us will not show up on your credit report.
How does the interest breakdown per month?
Once you receive your initial 0% loan and opt to continue your loan, the first month, the interest is a set fee. After the first month your interest is pro-rated based on a 30-day period. We take your monthly interest and divide that amount between 30 days.
Do you set the interest rate amount on my loan?
Absolutely not. The interest rates at set by the state of Oklahoma (Oklahoma Department of Consumer Credit). The amount of interest you pay is based on the amount you borrow. Like a sliding scale. The only interest we set is the initial 0% loan as a courtesy to our new customers. We are the only licensed pawnbroker to offer a 0% loan.
I already have a 0% loan currently but I need some more money, can I get another loan?
Absolutely! You can have as many loans as you wish. Just realize that state regulated interest rates will apply.
I currently have a loan with you and my payment is due, can I pay with a check or credit card over the phone?

I’m sorry, we do NOT accept checks or credit cards, however we DO accept Debit Cards. Simply give us a call at 918-743-2274 and pay right over the phone with your Debit Card!

Can someone make a payment for me if I can’t leave work or happen to be out of town?
Yes, you can make a renewal payment on the behalf of the account holder, however, when it comes to picking up the items, it has to be the account holder in order for the items to be released.



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